Our Services

Our duty and responsibility is to ensure your employees respirators function, fit and feel secure while working effectively.  Quantitative mask fit testing is done by using our Accufit 9000 machine, measuring the amount of leakage into the respirator. A hose is inserted into the face piece of the mask being used to collect and deliver the air sample to a device for analysis. This is done to ensure the individual has no ambient air leaking into the mask, exposing the wearer to airborne contaminants.


Viewing your employees Mask Fit Test results are simple. While providing the donor with a hard copy, we send an attachment via email as soon as the appointment/test is completed so the employer can easily access the results. 

Appointment Tips

Come prepared and ensure the subject has…

  • Not eaten or smoked 30 min prior to test
  • DOES have a clean shaven face
  • Understands how to don their respirator without assistance
  • Understands WHY a respirator is required at their workplace