• “How long do appointments take?” Standard Drug & Alcohol tests take about 15 minutes to half an hour, but up to 3 hours if there is a shy bladder”
  • “As a donor, what should I expect?” Drug & Alcohol Testing: 1 piece of government photo issued I.D and to provide a Saliva/Urine sample, whichever has been requested by the Employer.
  • “What photo I.D is acceptable?” Appropriate photo ID includes a drivers license, employer issued photo ID, firearms license, government (prov/fed) issued photo ID, status card or passport.
  • “When/how do I get my results?” When the results are provided depends on the type of test performed. Express tests can expect up to 1 hour for results wheras Lab Based testing results can be accessed anytime between 2-5 business days. 
  • “What happens when there is a Non-Negative test result?” Once we read a Non-Negative result we ask the employer if they would like to send the Non-Negative sample to the lab for further testing. 


Learn more about Canadian Regulations for Testing

Canadian-Model-Safe-Workplace-alcohol-drug-guidelines-AB.pdf (workplacesafetynorth.ca)