About us


Western Safety Medical Fitness is an Indigenous owned and woman ran company local to the Acheson area.

At Western Safety Medical, we have taken steps to ensure you as an employer will be fully satisfied with the quality, efficiency and promptness in our testing procedures. We stand by providing thorough testing with the help of our highly trained and fully certified screening technicians.

Western Safety Medical offers the expertise and knowledge that is required to compliment your testing protocols and procedures. We are fully DOT Certified and follow all current recommendations made by the Construction owners association of Alberta. We are able to offer very competitive pricing and ensure the savings are passed on to you and your team while still follow top notch safety standards.

Indigenous Relations and Business Policy

Western Safety Medical has a partnership with Alexander FN and believes in leaving a positive legacy in supporting our Indigenous history. We recognize that our operations are located in the traditional territory of many Indigenous communities. We believe that responsible business takes into account Indigenous interests and their traditional and current uses of lands and resources. Environment, health and safety creates both opportunities for and impacts on communities, and we must work to maximize stewardship and protect our land and the people that live here.


Western Safety Medical respects diverse cultures and appreciates the spirituality and strong ties to the land held by Indigenous peoples. We continually strive to enter each project with sensitivity toward the community in which we are working placing special emphasis on the training of Western Safety Medical field personnel in Indigenous affairs, concerns, needs and expectations. Wherever possible, we ensure a liaison person is in place.

Meet our experts

When you come visit us here at Western Safety, you will be pleased to meet our fully trained safety professional female team and be happy to know you are in great hands.

Some things we stand by...